Personal Care

Noosa Basics - Vegan. Organic.

Dental Floss with Activated Charcoal and essential oils clove, myrrh and manuka.
In choice of aniseed, cinnamon or spearmint 
Totally Recyclable.





Dental Floss Ingredients - activated charcoal, natural Vegan candelilia wax, virgin coconut oil, essential oils cinnamon, clove, myrrh, manuka and spearmint.

Normally $13   Now $10


Organic Deodorant Roll on - choice of lemon myrtle or unscented.






Organic Deodorant Stick with kaolin clay and essential oils.
Choice of activated charcoal, coco vanilla, coconut, lemon myrtle, rose, sandalwood or unscented.







Organic Cream Deodorant- choice of ceder juniper or lavender rosemary.



Organic Deodorant Ingredients- organic fair trade shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, organic harvest bi-carb soda, Australia kaolin clay, 100% activated clay and pure essential oils.

Normally $17   Now $13
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Organic Eyelash and Brow Revitaliser - to restore lost eyebrows and to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes.





Eye Lash and Brow Revitaliser  Ingredients - Organic castor oil, pumpkin seed oil and grape seed oil. 

Normally $22    Now $16


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.23.44

Sea Spray - for that natural beach look for curls





Sea Spray - Purified water, magnesium sulphate, sea minerals complex, argon oil, blue green algae, pink salt, grapefruit essential oils and coconut flavour.

Normally $22   Now $16



Scalp Serum - hair growth treatment 




Scalp Serum - pumpkin seed oil, castor oil, grapeseed, jamacian black castor oil, essential oils rosemary, peppermint, thyme, cedarwood and spikenard. 

Normally $29   Now $24


Foaming Face Wash - blood circulation and healing of bruises, broken capillaries, dermatitis and acne.





Foaming Face Wash - purified water, saponified olive and coconut oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil, kukui nut oil, geranium essential oil.

Normally $16   Now $12


Weleda - 

Weleda Arnica for bruises and sprains 30c - 100 Tablets
Normally $18  Now $14

Weleda Arnica Drops 30c - 30ml
Normally $15  Now $11

Weleda Cold & Flu Pilules - 30g
Normally $22   Now $16

Weleda Echinacea Thuja Comp - 100ml
Normally $30   Now $22

Weleda Hayfever & Sinus Drops - 30ml
Normally $18   Now $14

Weleda Throat Relief Spray - 30ml
Normally $23   Now $18




Weleda Arnica Cream - 36ml
Normally $25   Now $18

Weleda Bites & Burns Cooling Gel- 36ml
Normally $25   Now $18

Weleda Hyperical Healing Cream - 36ml
Normally $25   Now $18

Weleda Rash Relief Cream - 36ml
Normally $25   Now $18

Weleda Lavender Soap - 100g
Normally $10   Now $8

Weleda Lip Balm - 10ml
Choice of berry, nude or rose
Normally $16   Now $12

Weleda Rose Calendula Hand Cream - 36ml
Normally $30    Now $22