Links For Your Health

Homemade Gluten Free All Purpose Flour & Muesli 

Kym Hawkins

Homemade Gluten Free Breads, Pastas, Cakes and Vegan Brownies

Michele Casella 


Handmade Healthy Soaps

Handmade Organic Fabric Beeswax Wraps for food and soaps

Handmade Organic Fabric Aprons

All made by Naturopath Katrina at Radish and Apple on Tambourine Mountain Queensland

Orgonite Pyramids for mould frequencies

Simon Galloway


Washable Handmade Cloth Sanitary Napkins in Great Fabrics 

Sarah Ludlow


Geocleanse for electromagnetic radiation protection on your phone, in your house, under your food, and on your body


0417 451 904

Water Filters for your kitchen and your shower

Gai at C.L. Services "Health Solutions"

08 9583 5130