Food Packs

AgroFino Organic Healthy Food Pack


organic black chia seeds 500g

organic sweet (or plain) cacao nibs 500g

organic cacao powder 250g

organic golden berries 200g

organic quinoa tri colour 500g


Normally $55     NOW   $40

Whole Food Pantry Organic Pack


organic cacao butter 250g

organic roasted carob powder 200g

organic coconut chips 150g

organic coconut oil 330ml

organic coconut flour 250g

organic coconut sugar 350g

himalayan pink salt fine crystals 600g


Normally $60    NOW   $40

Organic Pukka Tea Pack

pukka elderberry & echinacea  20 teabags

pukka collection mix  20 teabags

pukka green collection  20 teabags


Normally $27     NOW  $20!

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