Sara has an innate ability to prescribe treatments based on your wholistic personal health problem. She is one of the last old school practitioners with natural intuition and commonsense.
She is gifted at suggesting common pantry items as naturopathic solutions and customising the treatment plan according to your financial circumstances.


I started working with Sara 2 years ago.
She asks you really detailed and deep questions about your health. Nobody else has ever asked me these kind of questions before.
Through this she gets a bigger picture of you and how  your body is functioning.
Still everybody need to listen to their own Body - every Body is working very differently.
My health conditing has been increased continuously.


Sara's expertise and comprehension of detoxing, fasting and cleansing is wide-ranging and extensive. I have never met another with such an interest or having such practical experience and understanding in the subject. These days there is no escaping pollutants from our current environment if you neeed to cleanse – which everyone does –  she’s the person to go to. She can tailor a cleanse according to your lifestyle needs, health limitations and budget.